Marina Spörrer


PhD student

Room 02.076

Center for Medical Physics and Technology
Biophysics Group
Henkestrasse 91
91052 Erlangen

tel : (+49) (0)9131-85-25604;
fax: (+49) (0)9131-85-25601
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Curriculum Vitae

FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg:

Biology (B.Sc.) , 2012

Biology (M.Sc.) ,  2014

PhD. (2014-...)



Biomechanical behavior of myotubes with a desmin R350P mutation
Spörrer M., Winter L., Schröder R., Fabry B., Goldmann W.H.
Talk, 6th European Cell Mechanics Meeting, Barcelona, 2015



Bonakdar N., Schilling A., Lennert P., Spörrer M., Gerum R.C., Alonso J.L. and Goldmann W.H.
Measuring mechanical properties in cells: three easy methods for biologists
Cell Biology International 38: 1227-1232, 2014 (PDF)

Bonakdar N., Schilling A., Spörrer M., Lennert P., Mainka A., Winter L., Walko G., Wiche G., Fabry B. and Goldmann W.H.
Determining the mechanical properties of plectin in mouse myoblasts and keratinocytes
Exp Cell Res 331: 331-337, 2015, doi: 10.1016/j.yexcr.2014.10.001 (PDF)