microbs at Crozet and Kerguelen

Up and running: low-cost micro-observatory for penguins at Crozet and Kerguelen island
by Daniel P. Zitterbart, Ben Fabry, Anna P. Nesterova, Céline le Bohec, Sebastian Richter and Werner Schneider

 King Penguin colony at Crozet island with micro observatory

Our low-cost (500 US$) micro-observatory consisting of a Canon underwater camera, solar panel and car battery is now up and running at the King Penguin colonies at Crozet Island and Kerguelen Island, Antarctica. The camera takes high-resolution images of the penguin colony automatically every 1 min, for up to 40 days, until the camera SSD-card runs out of space.  A 100 Ah battery and 40 W solar panel keeps the camera powered even during winter. For an example of a full resolution image, click on the picture above.

Click to download in FLV format (947.44kB)