Work in Progress Seminars

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Work in Progress Seminar:

Location: Seminarraum 00.020 near the main entrance of Henkestr. 91 
Time: 10.15 a.m.

25.04. Julian Übelacker: Statistical inference of model parameters for collective cell migration 

02.5. Andreas Magerl: Diffusion and quasi-elastic scattering with neutrons

09.05. Janina Lange: Mechanical Measurements with Microconstrictions

16.05. Julia Kraxner: Functional characterization of 3D cardiac microtissues generated by assisted self assembly

11.07. Lisa Gebhardt (guest speaker from the Institut für Physiologie und Pathophysiologie):Lysophosphatidic acid-induced pruritus (severe itching) during cholestasis (a common liver disease that only happens in pregnancy)

Past Seminars

WS 2016/17 

26.10. Katharina Tkotz: Environmental effects on the group dynamics of Emperor penguins

2.11. Jakob Peschel: The wind chill factor for Emperor Penguins: Phase transitions in penguin huddles in response to changes in temperature, humidity and wind speed

8.11. Özlem Ötzel: 3D traction forces of tumor spheroids: A novel method to study collective effects during metastasis formation

8.11. Beate Hartmannsberger: Diesel exhaust particles and lung epithelial damage: the frustrating search for novel model systems to study the health effects of fine particulate air pollution

15.11. Nina Bauer: The difference between a rock and a penguin: How to teach a computer to recognize the obvious

29.11. Christian Weis: Labelling of cancer cells with magnetic nanoparticles for long-term observation of tumor metastasis formation

6.12. Alexander Wischnewski: Shrinkage and growth of tumor spheroids 

13.12. Andrea Thomaß: Structure and dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton in the lamellipodium

10.1. Marina Spoerrer: Effect of a chemical chaperone on the mechanical properties of keratinocytes from patients with epidermolysis bullosa simplex

24.1. Anna Fliedner: Magnetic Tissue Engineering für Stimmlippen-Transplantate

4.4. Jan Robering: Etablierung eines Lymphgefäßsystems im AV- Loop

11.4. Nico Wunderling: Dependence of cell migration and proliferation on cell density

SS 2016

12.4. Christoph Mark: Novel methods to analyze stochastic time series

19.4. Janina Lange: Non-linear rheology of non-adherent cells

26.4. Marina Spoerrer: Biomechanical characterization of desmin mutations in skeletal muscle

03.05. Breff Whitehead: Cancer cell migration in response to chemoattractants

10.05. Ingo Thievessen: Cardiac hypertrophy, and how to study it in-vitro 

17.05. NO SEMINAR (Berg)

24.05. Claus Metzner: Bayes, birds, and physics-oriented inference

28.06. Eloi Montanez-Miralles, Munich: Role of parvins in vessel development

WS 2015/2016

13.10.2015  Breff  Whitehead (University of Cape Town): Migration through the basement membrane: What is the dirty trick of metastasizing tumor cells? 

27.10.2015 Ingo Thievessen: Muscle tissue model systems in 3-D

10.11.2015 Richard Gerum: ClickPoints: a novel software tool for image and video analysis

17.11.2015 Reiner Strick (Frauenklinik Erlangen): Cell fusions in humans with particular reference to muscle development: Essential but underrated.

24.11.2015 Laryn Wessels (University of Cape Town):Biological responses of myofibroblasts to mechanical stretch 

1.12.2015 Sebastian Richter: Managing massive amounts of video data: database management, annotation, and backup

8.12.2015 Ben Fabry: Micro-rheology and micro-surfactometry of biological probes

7.1.2016 Marina Spoerrer:Myofibrillar Myopathies:Cell-biological and Bio-mechanical Analysis of Desmin R350P Mutation

SS 2015

22.04.2015   Robert Endres (Imperial College London): Emerging social behaviour during aggregation in Dictyostelium discoideum

28.04.2015  Vera Flad: Vinculin Phosphorylation and Force Transmission in Focal Adhesions.

19.05.2015 Diana Hennig: Biodegradable Magnesium - the Influence of Cell Coverage on Corrosion Behavior

02.06.2015 Arne Monsees:  Kraftübertragung in Fasernetzwerken

09.06.2015 Sebastian Schürmann: Multiphotonen Endomikroskopie

16.06.2015 Lena Lautscham: Cell migration and mechanosensitive signal transduction

23.06.2015 Christoph Mark: Analyzing a heterogeneous world

04.08.2015 Annemarie Pnür: Invasionsverhalten mesenchymaler und epithelialer Tumor-Spheroide in Kollagennetzwerken

                   Elena Schindelek: Influence of matrix stiffness on 3D cell invasion through porous structures

                   Alexander Winterl: Probabilistic Programming


Past Seminars WS 2014/2015

07.10.2014   Philip Kollmannsberger:   Physical aspects of matrix organization and tissue patterning: model and experiment

14.10.2014   Janina Lange: Cell deformability during passage through micron-scale constrictions

21.10.2014   Christoph Mark:  Dynamics and heterogeneity in tumor cell migration

28.10.2014   Michael Duvall: The Titin story

04.11.2014   Pamela Strissel: Bionics in Material Sciences: The placental amnion membrane as a model for cellular dynamics of colony formation and invasion.

11.11.2014   Nadine Lang: The influence of matrix properties on cell migration in disordered 3-dimensional biopolymer networks 

18.11.2014   Sebastian Richter:  Computer Vision based Behavior Analysis - Understanding social structures in an Adelié Penguin colony

25.11.2014   Julian Steinwachs:ausgefallen

02.12.2014   Julian Seinwachs:  Three-dimensional Force Microscopy of Cells in Collagen Gels

09.12.2014   Richard Gerum: Analysing Dynamics of King Penguins under Attack by Birds of Prey

16.12.2014   Ingo Thievessen: Beyond focal adhesions - a role for vinculin in regulating leading edge protrusion?

13.01.2015   Marina Spörrer: Myofibrillar Myopathies: Biomechanical and cell biological analysis of Desmin R350P in cell-and animal models 

20.01.2015   Vera Auernheimer: Phosphorylation as a Prerequisite for Vinculin Activation and Force Transmission in Focal Adhesions 

27.01.2015   Lena Lautscham: Steric hindrance in 3D migration: which cell properties matter?

03.02.2015   Lilli Winter: MFM Pathology in Mice and Myoblasts: Molecular Pathogenesis & Treatment Concepts for Protein Aggregate Myopathies

 Past Seminars (SS 2014)

15.04.2014 Claus Metzner: From cell shape fluctuations to planar colony growth

29.04.2014 Janina Lange: The Big Squeeze (Part 1): Pushing cells through microconstrictions

06.05.2014 Christoph Kämmerer: The Big Squeeze (Part 2): Cell migration through microconstrictions

13.05.2014 Christoph Mark: Prediction of random events: how accurate can you guess?

20.05.2014 Ingo Thievessen: Vinculin and its role in 3-D cell migration

27.05.2014 Richard Gerum: Modeling of the huddling dynamics of Emperor penguin with cellular automata 

3.6. Sebastian Richter: Adelie Penguins at Dumont d'Urville 

17.6. Nadine Lang: Mechanotransduction and cell migration in a 3-D environment

24.6. Julian Steinwachs: 3D cell force reconstruction in a nonlinear degenerate biopolymer network

1.7 Lena Lautscham: Migration through narrow channels: how cancer cells evade the steric hindrance of a 3D matrix

15.7. Thorsten Kolb: Nuclear lamins and the stiffness of the cell nucleus

22.7. Vera Auernheimer: Tyrosine and serine phosphorylation of vinculin: How vinculin regulates cell mechanics

24.7. Lilli Winter: Getting a stronghold: protective effects of extrasarcomeric intermediate filaments in myoblasts and myotubes under mechanical load

 Past Seminars (WS 2013/14)

22.10.2013 Julian Steinwachs: Solved at last: a finite element description of collagen mechanics for 3D traction force microscopy

5.11.2013  Nadine Lang: Mechanosensing in 3D

12.11.2013 Achim Schilling: cell adhesion on magnesium substrates 

19.11.2013 Lena Lautscham: cell migration through microchannels

26.11.2013 Janina Lange: high throughput strategies for cell mechanical measurments 

03.12.2013  Thorsten Kolb: Nuclear lamins 

10.12.2013 Sebastian Richter: Behavioral analysis in an Adelie penguin colonie

17.12.2013 Richard Gerum: models of collective migration

 Past Seminars (SS 2013)

17.04.2013   at 1.00 p.m.  Daniel Pranhos Zitterbart: Locomotion in biological systems

23.04.2013 Lena Lautscham: Do cells respond to non-elastic and frictional properties of the extracellular matrix? 

30.04.2013 Vera Auernheimer: Force transmission in focal adhesions and the activation of vinculin

07.05.2013 Achim Schilling: A novel spinning disk shear flow device for measuring adhesion forces of cells on biomaterials

14.05.2013 Claus Metzner:  (Cell) migration is a superstatistical process

28.05.2013 Sebastian Richter: Adelies, Kings and Emperors: News from Penguin Island

04.06.2013 Richard Gerum: Molecular dynamics description of self-propelled systems

11.06.2013 Janina Lange:  Long range correlations in collective cancer cell migration

                      Patrick Krauss:  Universal cell colony dynamics and the physics of proliferating granular matter

25.06.2013 Ashleigh Theberge (University of Wisconsin): microfluidic tools for studying cancer: elucidating microenvironmental regulation of angiogenesis and steroidogenesis in cancer with microscale culture systems

02.07.2013 Ingo Thievessen: Part I: vinculin - coordination of cell morphodynamics and ECM-adhesion during 2D and 3D cell migration

09.07.2013: Sabine Busse: Impairment of 3-D migration of vinculin-defficient cells

16.7.2013 Katerina Aifantis: Bioapplication of nanomaterials

23.7.2013 Ingo Thievessen: Part II:  vinculin - coordination of cell morphodynamics and ECM-adhesion during 2D and 3D cell migration

30.07.2013 Kai Slodzek. Lokale Eigenschaften von Kollagen


Past Seminars (WS 2012/12)

09.10.2012 Graeme Whyte: Single-cell, label-free monitoring of cell differentiation

and Thorsten Kolb: Microfluidic devices for studying the mechanical properties of nuclear lamins

23.10.2012 Stefan Münster: Universality of collagen mechanics at high stress and strain

30.10.2012 Janina Lange: Matrix adhesion, cell cohesion, and collective phenomena in a 3-D tumor

06.11.2012 Nadine Lang:  Cells respond to matrix stiffness during migration in 3-D collagen networks

13.11.2012 Julian Steinwachs: Cells squeezing through gels

20.11.2012 Carlos Borau: Vinculin as a molecular clutch in the lamellipodium

4.12.2012 Navid Bonakdar, Richard Gerum: Origin of mechanical cell plasticity

11.12.2012 Rainer Detsch: In vitro-osteoclastogenesis studies on different inorgnaic bone substitute materials for bone tissue engineering aproaches



Past Seminars (SS 2012)

17.4.  Ingo Thievessen: Integrating actin cytoskeleton and focal adhesion dynamics during cell migration

24.4. Christian Weis: MR imaging of tumor cell migration in animals

8.5. Stefan Münster: Rheology of collagen and fibrin biopolymer networks

15.5. Aleksandra Grigore: Microtubuli growth in narrow channels

22.5. Pamela Strissel: Tissue remodeling, growth, and invasion properties of endometriosis 

5.6. Louise Marie Jawerth: The microscopic mechanism underlying platelet induced clot stiffening

12.6. Ben Fabry: Physical Priciples of Cancer Cell Invasion - a brief overview

26.6. Nadine Lang: Tumor Cell Migration Through 3D Collagen Networks - Chances and Limitations

3.7. Julian Steinwachs: Cellular Forces During Migration Through Collagen Meshworks

10.7. Lena Lautscham: Cell mechanical properties of mouse fibroblast cells on Lipid-Bilayer substrates with mobile linkers 


Past Seminars (WS 2011-12)

15.11 Nadine Lang: cell migration through a collagen network.  

22.11.  Julian Steinwachs: Reconstructing Forces of Cells During Migration Through Three-dimensional Collagen Meshworks  

29.11.  Caroline Gluth: the long walk through narrow channels

15.12. Claus Jäger: Magnetic Particle Imaging:

20.12. Radoslav Janostiak: p130Cas and mechanotransduction

10.1.  Vera Auernheimer:  Conformational Switch of Vinculin: A Prerequisite for Mechanical Force Transmission  

17.1. Nicole Reiter: Focal Adhesion Dynamics  

24.1. Navid Bonakdar: Slack in String Theory  

7.2.  Sebastian Richter: Penguin huddling (at Fraunhofer Institut)


Past Seminars (SS 2011)

9.5.   Richard Gerum: Modellierung des Huddling-Verhaltens von Pinguinen mittels Multi-Agenten-Simulation

17.5.   Navid Bonakdar, Claus Metzner: Energy landscape of cell adhesion bonds

24.5. Vera Auernheimer: Einfluss der Vinklulinkonformation auf die mechanischen Zelleigenschaften

31.5. Tuli Dey: Modulation of cellular mechanotransduction through a novel p130Cas phosphorylation site

7.6. Nadine Lang:  Transfection with fluorescent constructs impairs the mechanical behavior of cells

21.6. Julian Steinwachs: continuum mechanical description of collagen type I networks

28.6. Prof. Dr. Margarete Goppelt-Strübe: Modulation of cell migration by Rho kinase inhibition

5.7. Andreas Schönborn: Cell behavior on lipid bilayers

12.7. Michael Kuhn: Picking up the slack - magnetic tweezing on a turntable

14.7. Special seminar (Thursday! 3 p.m.!!) with Corey (University of Indiana) and Lena Lautscham: Focal adhesions and the cytoskeleton of cells on viscous biomimetic substrates

18.7. Christian Weis: Who cares about magnetic nanoparticles

02.8. Patrick Krauss: Fiber reconstruction from confocal images of biopolymer networks
Janina Lange: Pore size statistics in collagen gels

09.8. René Kartmann: Long term stability of iron oxide nanoparticles in cancer cells